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And if your marketing doesn't create a PERSONAL CONNECTION, you lose.  Once you identify your dating desires you will have a much easier time finding the individual that will fit you the best.  I have no idea why this headline worked beautifully for me but it just did. 

When you use a website for love dating you want to make sure that you retain control.  " Ha!  So why bother?   The following is a list of ten dating mistakes men make that quickly send your hope of a possible ongoing relationship into the crapper (Sadly, you'll probably recognize more than a few of these from past dates-gone-wrong). 

To YOU!  They are living happy lives now.  All you need is a place where you can find and meet them and an online dating website is just what you need.  Along with that, I measure how many of those women that I go on to have good friendships with.   Lastly, I was unforgettable.  And I just stood there with a big fat grin on my face. 

This is how I first started out and developed my headlines.  Companies from around the country requested interviews and resumes!  If marketing truly is the same thing as dating, you have to ask yourself: Are your marketing materials so unique and so unforgettable that customers go out of their way to tell their friends about it?   Secondly, I was creative. 

It landed me a date with this beautiful older woman and we had great times together.  It's just the timing of the situation.  Treating a waiter or waitress in a demeaning, condescending, or disparaging manner is a big old red flag.Being a know-it-all Confidence is attractive, arrogance...not so much.  To your products.   For some people, yes.  Her needs. 

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